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Surfing online without usin a proxy site is like you want to show your private info to the public.
For example now one would ever knew that your IP is : if you had used a proxy site.

Ask your self: Why do i need a private proxy site?

The answer is simple, because each time that you go online and visit a website without using a proxy site you give access to some of your private information to third parties.

You also need a private proxy site to bypass any kind of web filtering and web restrictions that keeps you away from your favorite websites. That is why PrivateProxies is here. To provide you with the best private proxy sites.

Using a proxy site from our Proxy Site List will allow you to unblock almost any site from work , home or even at school.
PrivateProxies provides you with fresh proxy sites which you can find here.

Bypass any web filtering and access all your favorite websites such as:

Facebook ,Myspace,Bebo,Twitter,Youtube,Orkut and a lot of others.
You can check our popular proxy list, or get latest and fresh proxy.